in the next weeks i will be transitioning to a new website. this one will stay here – all of my knitted bits need a home too! – but “zombieknits” has been cloaked from view (due to stalkerish immature people) & the love i have for writing has been dampened because of this. my new place will have the ability to hire me on as a nutritional guide (the biggest reason why this site is being moved away from). i am so excited i could burst.

i will not be linking from this site to the new one, however. if you want to know where i am setting up base, just ask. this is not a ‘good-bye’ – all knitting stays put. my day-to-day life blogging, recipes (i have put the old recipes back up. it appears many people had them bookmarked! sorry about that!), nutritional stuff & the like is moving on.

want a recipe that disappeared or need to know where i am heading off to? email me at melindaleedahlATgmailDOTcom.


p.s- the password protected posts are from my livejournal – storage space, so to speak. this is all circa 2000-ish. nothing most people care about anyway. it was a strange period of my life that i do not want to reread on a regular basis but i may want to relive it when i am all old & wrinkly. you know, to feel young and foolish again (:


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